Elle Decoration Spring Interior Trends

Elle Decoration plays a huge role in understanding the trends of interiors throughout the UK. March's issue focus' mainly on bathroom and kitchens although does spread out towards other areas of the home. As my work is ideally situated in the interiors shown within the magazine, it is an ideal place for colour and trend research.

It is clear to see the potential of geometric trending which is still playing an important part of themes within the home including furniture and accessories, as well as the use of wallpaper. A minimalistic trend with lack of detail seems to be apparent, as well as metal colour palettes with a variety of grey tones.

Taking this on board, the choice of form throughout my work seems that it is likely to be successful, as well as concerntrating on the actual shape rather than detailing or pattern. I am seeing a lot of symmetric forms and would like to contrast this by trying to create asymmetric glass pendants.

The next steps are to create my own interesting colour palette highlighting the versitile tones and incorporating them into my glass work. It is important to create a balance between lighting and the dark colours of the actual form, and therefore means lots of experimenting.

I have noticed a key material which keeps popping up over the last few months which is copper being used within the home. This is obviously becoming extremely fashionable with designers such as Tom Dixon embracing the material for its colour and resulting in aesthetic contemporary lighting. It is an idea for my work to take on this material but depends if this trend will fade out for the summer when my work will be exhibited.


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