Business Proposal Plan Draft Submission

February 5, 2014

For the academic writing module I have chosen the Live Trading element - to write your own business plan of potential products within a specific market area that reflect your creative practice. As my work consists of CAD design, glass, lighting and kilnformed techniques, my chosen products are:


  • Architectual Table Lamp

  • Architectual Wall Mounted Light

  • Architectual Panelling Sculpture


This is due to the final project theme of looking in to architectural forms as an influence, and how perspective and structure are key elements to the concept. The branding within the business is under the name of 'Rowena Joy', and I have concluded that after creating the 5 year accounts that the business will be a success within the high end market. The technique of slumping over 3D printed forms has been included, as well as research into modern and contemporary interiors where my products will be suitably placed. Feedback will commence 21st February 2014.

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