Successful Forms

CAD using thhe Z-Corporation machine showing tessellated forms taken from the structure of architectual forms. The pieces created will be coated in resin and a silicone mould will be made. The forms have been created using Rhinoceros software by using a technical drawing I created by hand and placing a bitmap in the software so I am able to trace the designs. The surfaces are then extruded, with numerous pyramid shapes turned upside down and cut away using the Boolean Difference Tool. Coverted into a stereolithography file, they are then 3D printed taking a couple of hours to create.

I have managed to perfect the designs so that they are at resonable thickness to ensure stability which means they are less likely to break in the process. I am hoping that once the plaster forms have been created from the silicone mould, the detail of the faceted edges will be picked up by the glass without any issues.


O T H E R   N E W S