Glass Panelling

With the experments of slumping over 3D printed objects, the work I have produced shows a potential for glass panelling. With this on board and only a week till the mid-term review I decided to create a wall panelled structrue using clear Bullseye glass, Opal Black and Orange Striker Stringers to portray structure and perspective. The pieces were cut by hand after carefully creating technical drawings, and then fused at a top temperature of 800 degrees. The edges were cold worked so that they are placed on a wall at a 45 degree angle to simulate city perspective.

Unfortunately now working with Bullseye glass rather than float glass which I could get free from Lee Glass in Nottingham, it is going to cost a ridiculous amount. This piece cost me £25.00 to make and is approx just under a meter. Ideally for the degree show I would want to work as larger scale as possible as well as working in 6mm thickness rather than 3mm to give it more stability. Thats if when combining it with the 3D printed forms the glass will allow itself to pick up the detail in an aesthetic manner.


O T H E R   N E W S