September 10, 2015

Earlier this year the Geometric Pendant Lighting starred in the New Design Britain Awards at May Design Series within the Accessories Category. ACHICA were the proud sponsers of this area, and gave a great input into advising with the progression of each of our designs. 


We are now in to September and the online luxury retail store has given each NDB finalist a great opportunity to promote our work through their website, as well as giving a more personal insight in to us as designers with our interviews by Emily Peck. Here, I talk about the background in to the designs, inspirations and my advice for upcoming designers. 


Since the launch of the project from ACHICA I have had a vast amount of e-mails through about pricing and lead-time for the lighting...

September 2, 2015


 The Fluidity Jewellery Collection has expanded in to new colours and adornments for 2015, with a specific colour pallette which takes inspiration from elements within nature. The work has gained quite the publicity, and will be sold at Cleethorpes Memorial Hall's Craft Fair on 6th September 2015, 10am - 4pm. Not only this, there will be another date to add to the calendar as the collections will also be avaliable at the same place, on 27/09/2015.


All jewellery comes with a branded gift box and business card, and will be a great push for the designs within the local area. However, I have also been given a fantastic opportunity for the collections to be exhibited as part of Silverside Glass in Bath at the end of October - November. This is a chance fo...

August 18, 2015

It's been a busy month with the preparation for the Cleethorpes Craft Fair which is on 27th Septemeber 2015 at the Memorial Hall where the range jewellery collections will be available for purchase. Not only this, but work has also been put in to place to launch a new Etsy shop where customers are able to purchase the work after the event. It has proven to be very popular in previous years, with expansion of the collections consisting of more variety which will be new to 2015. Commissions will also be accepted throughout the event. 


Another aspect that has been considered the past couple of months is the theme 'Connections' which explores the transition of life and humans behavior within society - how we all need to feel connected in some shape or for...

June 24, 2015

 With May Design Series all settled and the imagery collected from 35mil Photography, the business is now taking shape with it's unique logo and beautiful shots of the Geometric Pendants. 


So far this month, the images have been sent off to New Design Britain/UBM to be passed on to Design Detail Magazine which will be focusing on a 'British Collectives' issue and will be publishing the work of all 30 New Design Britain Award finalists. Not only is this another fantastic opportunity, but an insight in to the international market and an open doorway to other potential events and contacts.


 As for the progression with the lighting components and how to develop a more discreet fitting, various tests are underway to understand more about the  new adhe...

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