April 29, 2015



The Geometric Pendants range is now ready for funding and will continue until 31st May. The work highlights british design and are a unique asymmetric faceted shape, blown by UK glass artists and supports handmade design. 


At the moment the work is made by a mould-making process which takes time, costs in materials and each mould can only be used approximately 4/5 times before it breaks down, creating wastage. This would not be an efficient way if the work is to be launched in to production and therefore means another way of creating the form needs to be apparent. 

Hence the development of the steel mould which has now been quoted and is ready to go when the funds are present! Measurements of facets and redevelopment in to a two-part mould have emer...

April 25, 2015

 On 28th April 2015, a Kickstarter campaign will be launched to finalise the Geometric Pendants, resulting in being launched in to retail in September 2015. 


The work is almost finished, but due to lack of funds the project cannot continue - the light fitting still needs a vast amount of work done to it, as well as creating a steel mould which allows for a faster production which cuts down on lead time. 


In the Kickstarter project, all information as to what is needed will be apparent, as well as a 6 month plan to keep things on track. The work will firstly be going on sale in an online luxury retail store, and eventually result to branching out to different areas. 


Once the campaign has finished, work will be well underway with regular updates o...

April 10, 2015


May Design Series 2015 will be held 17th - 19th May with over 15,000 industry professionals, including a section dedicated to the New Design Britain Awards where I'll be situated along with many other emerging designers from each of the categories: Surface, Interiors, Architecture, Furniture, Fabrics and Accessories. 


The latest updates from the New Design Britain Twitter page and website has given us an insight of each designers work, but it will be interesting to hear their background choices and development of why they have resulted in such outcomes. The awards focus on business awareness from materials expenditure, retail/wholsale costs and if the work is realisticly going to become a desired product within the design industry. Therefore it...

April 9, 2015



It's good news for the Architecural Panneling piece which has been sent off to The Open Door Gallery in Market Harborough as part of their Spring exhibition, and will be on display for two months. A huge thank you to Janet Pelling for taking an interest in my work, and also to ceramicist Jennie McCall for recommending my glass pieces to be exhibited here. I am currently the only glass artist within the gallery.


The work is available to purchase from the gallery and is ideally bought within a set of two, although can be purchased individually should the buyer wish. 


This is a great opportunity to show my work as a designer-maker who has created the work from using transparent sheet glass and 3D printed forms, as well as highlighting warm metallic tre...

April 9, 2015

 Saturday 4th April consisted of a trip up to Matlock to work with glass blower Anthony Wassell in producing more work within one day session. The idea is to understand more about costs and timings within the production, how many breakages are likely, and what can be put in to place to speed up the process. 


So a total of 9 were created and have a slightly longer point on one of the sides than the original collection. Less glass was used and more force, allowing a more geometric shape to form rather than the softer edges in the previous pieces. Two new colours were also tested although were not the original colours I had in mind - however the brightness of each colour tends to soften when lit so may become more desirable once finished.


Creating a...

March 19, 2015

 With just over 8 weeks to go till the exhibition at May Design Series begins, work is well underway designing new ways to improve the glass pieces so that they are more managable for the buyer. Pictured above it one of two wooden jig top mechanisms which will be used for the tops of the moulds and create indentations in the glass with a new geometric hole. It is hit or miss whether this option will work as I have never tried this before, and may end up looking a little ugly due to huge grooves in the top but only time will tell. 


The top has been created using 12mm hardwood ply stacked on top of eachother and sections cut out. The hole in the top is larger than previous allowing space for the thickness of glass, and the top section of wood parts...

March 13, 2015

 The Holloways of Ludlow 30th Anniversary event on 12th March 2015 was a great opportunity to see the all the Delight in Light finalist's designs on display in the showroom window, and also to speak to others from the design industry. It was interesting to see the Geometric Pendants in a different lighting compared to when they were displayed at 100% Design. The natural light from outside had softened the colours creating beautiful tones and working extremely well together. A pleasing sight for walker's by, and a proud moment for myself.


Not only was it great to be able to show the public and industry the work, but also to catch up with fellow competitors who are full of ideas of how to progress and develop eachother's work. After all, we ar...

March 5, 2015

The Geometric Pendants have now been short-listed for the New Design Britain Awards 2014 in the Accessories Category. Another great opportunity to show industy professionals my unique designs by attending the May Design Series exhibition in London 17th-19th May 2015.


With the first batch of lights currently in the Holloways of Ludlow showrooms in London, these have a potential to sell and if so, means I will have no lights to show for the next event - therefore work is well underway in organising a glassblowing session with Anthony Wassell, and the start of a Kickstarter project to help fund the next lot of lights! I have had an unbelievable amount of support from many people who I have met along the way: professional designers, glass blowers, le...

February 7, 2015


With less than a month to go until the Holloways of Ludlow 30th Anniversary event, the Geometric Pendants have undergone a unique transformation of stablising the E14 light fitting with a new clamp suspension mechanism to hold the weigh of the pendant, as well as being able to change the bulb if needed. 


The past 4 months have consisted of exstensive research in to light fittings, suspension, colour temperatures and types of LEDs to gain the best possible outcome for the work as they have become a highly desired interior accessory. It is also a huge help from companies such as Fiat Lux in Frome, Somerset and Lasvit - a Czech Republic lighting installation company to pass information on and give me a better idea of tackling this issue.


I or...

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