May 12, 2020

Hans Jenny. What an extraordinary man whose research into vibrations and periodic phenomena has bridged the gap between visual and audible pleasure. As you are aware, I am truly fascinated by energy interpretation through the senses so being able to combine this and form a link has left me thoroughly intrigued and quite happily immersing oneself throughout the 'furlough holiday' this week. 

My aim is to create more of an understanding about the formation of the energy, linking this with our emotional state at that present time and developing the visual aesthetic to enhance the feeling of being in the moment. As we as humans are simply a mass of energy in ourselves who are attracted to certain sounds, sights and touch, it is an underlying question of wh...

February 16, 2020

Immersive installation combining the harmonious arts of sound, light and sculpture.

The development of atmospheric energy from the interpretation of sound through 3d object and pattern is underway, allowing viewers to truly absorb music from visual pleasure whilst listening to the theraputic, echoing sounds of the song artist's work.

research into Cymatic patterns and frequencies allows for the analysis of visual variety. vibrations can enter mediums to heal or alter our human behaviour.

Particular vibrations will be visually captured and applied to a material known for it’s exceptional relationship with light : glass.

Scientifically, glass operates as a medium to refract and reflect light allowing for strong ethereal projections.

January 2, 2016

A great start to the new year visiting a metal spinner in Sheffield for the completion of the cap fitting for the Geometric Pendants. Although the industrial feel to the current fitting is interesting, there is room for improvement and will appeal to a broader market with a simpler and sleek look to complete the pendant. 


Metal spinning is a unique way of creating a smooth tapered form which will hide all electrical components and will be held in the correct place by 3 pins at a 120 degree points - this enables stability and easy access to change the bulb. 


Various designs have been drawn up and tested, but it has been decided that a very simple design is sufficient so that it does not draw the eye away from the actual glass form. It does not need to...

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